Decorative Terracotta Planters (SNAIL CLAY POT)


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Product Description:
Material : Terracotta Clay, Hand Made

Height: 8 Inch
Length: 14.5 Inch
Width: 10 Inch


Clay Craft is one of man’s oldest creations and its creation marks a significant step in our evolution.It is as if our ancestors were seeking to express themselves and took the earth literally into their own hands, to create shapes and forms that were both decorative as well as realistic. 

The Art of working with terracotta is among-st the oldest and most widespread form of craft in the world. India has a rich tradition of terracotta pottery which has its roots in prehistoric times dating back to even before the Indus Valley Civilization.

The word terracotta means “baked earth”. The process of making objects with terracotta is simple yet labor intensive. Once the clay dough is made shapes are formed with the help of a potters,wheel or by hand by the potter.
Snail is small creature with a soft, wet body and a round shell, that moves very slowly and often eats garden plants.

The shape of the Decorative Snail Planter is their spiral shell that they load on the back. It is a hard structure composed of calcium carbonate, which protects their soft body and internal organs.

Snail shell is made of calcium carbonate and keeps growing as long as the snail grows. They keep adding more calcium carbonate to the edge until the snail reaches adult size.

Among these organs is their lung because land snails breathe air from the atmosphere that then passes into a lung to get the oxygen .Although snails do not have legs, they can move thanks to a muscular foot that, based on wave movements, allows the snail to go from one place to another.Due to their relatively small size, and slow-paced movement, snails are preyed upon by numerous animal species all around the world.

Make a stunning first impression on house guests with Snail Terracotta Planter not only look elegant and used to grow plants in the same way welcomes your guest.

Buy these hand made Decorative Snail Terracotta Planter from GardenerShopping as the quality of the product is mind-blowing.

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