Decorative Terracotta Planters (OWL CLAY POT)


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Product Description:
Material : Terracotta Clay, Hand Made

Height: 6.5 Inch
Length: 6.5 Inch
Width: 6.5 Inch


Clay Craft is one of man’s oldest creations and its creation marks a significant step in our evolution. It is as if our ancestors were seeking to express themselves and took the earth literally into their own hands, to create shapes and forms that were both decorative as well as realistic.

The Art of working with terracotta is among-st the oldest and most widespread form of craft in the world. India has a rich tradition of terracotta pottery which has its roots in prehistoric times dating back to even before the Indus Valley Civilization.

The word terracotta means “baked earth”. The process of making objects with terracotta is simple yet labor intensive. Once the clay dough is made shapes are formed with the help of a potters,wheel or by hand by the potter.

The shape of the owl planter goes like this,Instead of spherical eyeballs, owls have eye tubes that go far back into their skulls which means their eyes are fixed in place.Many owl species have feathered feet to protect them from cold weather. The feathers may also serve to sense contact with prey, and to protect against prey that might bite when seized.

An owl’s foot has four toes.An owl have short downward facing beak.All owls have a short, curved, downward-facing beak that is hooked at the end,it is designed specifically for gripping and tearing prey.

The crushing power of the bill is usually used to kill prey once captured.The upper edge of the lower bill and the lower edge of the upper bill taper to a sharp edge, and overlap in a scissor-like fashion, enabling it to cut through the tissue of the prey.

The tail is similar, with a few darker bars and with white dots near the tips of the feathers.Underparts are whitish or pure white with a few small, dark drop-shaped spots.

Make a stunning first impression on house guests with Owl Terracotta Planter not only look elegant and used to grow plants in the same way welcomes your guest. Buy these hand made decorative Owl Terracotta Planter from GardenerShopping as the quality of the product is mind-blowing.

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