Decorative Terracotta Planters (HEN CLAY POT)


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Product Description:
Material : Terracotta Clay, Hand Made

Height: 8 Inch
Length: 7 Inch
Width: 13 Inch


Clay Craft is one of man’s oldest creations and its creation marks a significant step in our evolution.

It is as if our ancestors were seeking to express themselves and took the earth literally into their own hands, to create shapes and forms that were both decorative as well as realistic.

The Art of working with terracotta is among-st the oldest and most widespread form of craft in the world.

India has a rich tradition of terracotta pottery which has its roots in prehistoric times dating back to even before the Indus Valley Civilization.
The word terracotta means “baked earth”. The process of making objects with terracotta is simple yet labor intensive.

Once the clay dough is made shapes are formed with the help of a potters,wheel or by hand by the potter.

Hens are social birds who enjoy the company of their flock. Despite their sociability, they maintain a definite hierarchy in their flock.

Chickens work out their pecking order to determine who eats, roosts, drinks and mates first.

A peaceful flock has a well-established pecking order, though birds sometimes challenge each other to move higher.

Oval is basic shape which is common for many birds and animals they usually have fluffy buts so they can keep the eggs warm.

The chicken has two wings and the face of the chicken has a good finishing and there is gap in the middle of the hen terracotta and you can plant flower which suits your garden they looks attractive because of the shape this makes them special.

At the very top of the chicken’s head is a fleshy red area called the comb,moving on down the head, you come to the chicken’s eyes.

Chickens have small eyes,Chicken ears are small openings on the side of the head,A bird’s beak is made of thin, hornlike material and functions to pick up food.

Beaks are present on baby chicks, and a thickened area on the end of the beak, called the egg tooth, helps them chip their way out of the eggshell The neck of the chicken is long and slender.

It’s made for peeking over tall foliage to look for predators,the neck is covered with small, narrow feathers, called hackle feathers, that all point downward.

When you have garden in your home you want to make it as attractive use this Hen Terracotta Planter which gives an extraordinary look to your house ,office or restaurant.

Make a stunning first impression on house guests with Hen Terracotta Planter not only look elegant and used to grow plants in the same way welcomes your guest.

Buy these hand made decorative Hen Terracotta Planter from GardenerShopping as the quality of the product is mind-blowing.

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