Solitaire Nest Hanging Flower Pots/Planters- Set of 2 (Available in 6 colours- Green, Red, Brown, Purple, Marble beige, Pink)


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Product Description:
Pot Size: 6.5 X 8 X 8 Inches
Chain Size: 14 Inches
Material: Virgin Plastic
Hanging: Yes
Drain Holes: Yes
Detachable saucer: Yes
UV Treated: Yes
Shelf life: 8-10 years (Out-Door)
Plastic: Virgin A1 Plastic
Recyclable: Yes

Want to add some instant charm, warmth, and style to your front porch, backyard, or even your living room? Then Solitaire Nest hanging planters are a quick and easy way to accomplish that. Here at GardenerShopping, we love all things green and realize the emotional and health benefits plants bring into our lives, which is why, even if you live in a small space, you can still bring the garden to you.

Which Types of Plants Are Best for Hanging Planters?
If the plant will mostly be in the sun, choose one that thrives in sunny conditions. Examples include Million Bells, Garden Verbena, English Ivy, Spider Plant, or succulents. For plants that prefer less sun, choose Devil’s Ivy, Boston Fern, Silver Bells, Impatiens, Pansies, English Ivy, Burro’s Tail, Spider Plant, Arrowhead Vine, Pothos, and Boson Fern.

Health and Emotional Benefits of Hanging Baskets
Besides the health benefits plants provide us, and the space-saving part of hanging baskets mentioned above, hanging baskets are a great way to freshen up your home with a burst of bright flowers and charming plants. You can create an urban jungle in your home or just a bit of elegance with the right type of hanging plant in just the right spot. With so much time we spend in the home, bringing in the best of what’s grown outside is a nice balance. So, without further adieu, get started on getting hanging planters into your home.

How to Properly Care for Hanging Planters
Maintaining the proper amount of moisture in your hanging plant is essential. For indoor plants, the air close to the ceiling tends to be drier and warmer, causing hanging plants to dry out quicker. If the topsoil is dry to the touch, it needs water. Fertilizer is important as well if you want your hanging plant to thrive. Pruning and cutting back wayward growing vines keeps plants looking full, lush, and healthy.


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