Multi pocket Jute grocery carry bags online (4 LAMINATED CORA BAGS- 10% OFF)

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What’s Special? 

  • Multi-sleeves (compartments) Cora bags
  • Perfect reusable grocery bag for grocery shopping.
  • Reusable & Washable.
  • Environment-friendly. 

Product Description:
Material: High Quality Laminated Jute Fabric
Washable: Yes
Capacity: Up to 20  Kg
Durability: 3-5 Years


Height: 44cm (17Inch)
Width: 41cm (16 Inch)
Length: 18cm (7 Inch)

Height Including Handel’s: 66cm (26 Inch)


Jute is natural material that has been used for centuries for producing high quality products and we recognize its value going forward as we attempt to help the world to develop Eco-Friendly Products.

Designs of Jute bags is a great material to manufacture bags and it has a very high natural quality.

Jute is a natural vegetable fiber which is made from the stem and the skin of the Jute plant.It is one of the most natural product other than cotton with a rough or harsh in texture feel and added strength compared to cotton.

Jute bags online shopping has been extremely popular in recent years and it acts as an alternative to the plastic bags.

Jute are more durable and long-lasting , making them ideal for gifting or promotional purposes.

Jute is a bio-degradable product as well as recyclable which makes the perfect choice for those who are conscious about the items they are using.

Jute bags for grocery shopping can last long making them an attractive options for consumers who are wanting to get lot of uses and it is reusable bags and for those who are using these bags on daily basis.

They can be manufactured by the following procedure, first Jute fibers are extracted by retting process.This process involves taking the and fiber and running them in slow moving water and spinning them after this the non-fibrous material is removed from the stable Jute.

After the initial stage there is Carding process which extracts and cleans the Jute fiber after this it is drawn out into jute yarn this is then weaved and the final material for the Jute bag product will be ready for use.

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