Daisy Pots (Teal & Red) – Set of 2 Railing Planters


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Note: The price is only for the planters. Plants are not included.

Product Description:
Colour: Teal & Red
Material: Galvanized Iron Metal With Powder Coated Paint
Durability: 3-5 Years

Container Length: 5.9 Inch
Container Width: 12.5 Inch
Container Height: 5.5 Inch

Overall Height Including Hook: 6.5 to 7.5 Inch


Decorative rectangular planters,the hanging flower pots when you want to make your garden look beautiful elegant use rectangular hanging railing planters for your balcony in this way when hooks detached can be used as flower pot and table pots.

Nowadays people in the need of fresh air and little garden in their home, many people living in apartments and small houses in cities think that they cannot do gardening as there is no space for them,but these hanging flower pots acts a choice to the gardening,now you can plant flowers in this beautiful balcony hanging planters attached to your house railing made it easy and convenient, lightweight and drain holes given for the planters to overflow excess water plant will grow healthy,People now concentrating on these types of planters to avoid air pollutants and gardening at their houses.

It is durable,lightweight and made of galvanized metal, and powder coated paint,weather resistance which improves lifespan of the metal rectangular hanging planters.

No tools, mounting hardware or drilling needed and it has more soil and water containment capacity.

Railing planters are pretty easy to maintain and save you from the hassle of a big garden and easy to transport ,this is helpful for the plant as well as they can be put in ideal light conditions as needed.
Rectangular Railing Planter can be hung almost anywhere around a home or property.

It all depends on the type of plants in metallic pots, most people hung them in their balcony or they hung them on the fence which also give privacy from the people outside,the exact place is dependent upon whether the variety of flowers need lots of sun, or shade, high temps or low temps and how much water is needed.

The type of flowers you should plant in your rectangular railing planters depends on a number of reason. What types of flowers and colors do you want? Is it summer or winter where you are? What is the climate like in your area? Does your house get a lot of sun, or little sun?

Generally preferred type of hanging planters flowers is used or bright color flowers are also generally preferred to enhance the look of a garden or home.

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