Cow Manure for Plant – Manure Fertilizer

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Material: A1 Quality
Packaging Type: Bag
Manure Type: Composted


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  • 100% organic fertilizer
  • Helps in the healthy growth of the plant
  • Provides beneficial ingredients to the plant
  • Complete plant food
  • Excellent source of Macro and Micro Nutrients
  • Improves flowering and development of fruits & vegetables

Shelf Life: Best before 12 months from date of manufacturing

Use GardenerShopping cow manure in nurturing your garden and pamper your plants and vegetable farming with this 100 percent organic Cow Dung Manure. This pure and organic fertilizer helps in improving the health of the plant by providing it all the important nutrients. It helps in accelerating the growth of flowers and fruits and keeps plant healthy and green. The cow dung manure is extremely easy to mix with the soil and is ideal for garden, planters and even for farms.

How to use Cow Manure for Plant?

  • Top your garden soil with 1 handful every 2-3 weeks
  • Add water immediately during late evening or early morning
  • Prepare potting mix with soil & cow dung manure in 2:1 ratio i.e. 2 part of soil & 1 part of cow manure

Why shouldn’t we use Fresh Cow dung on Plants?
Fresh Cow dung should never be applied for your plants, because it not only stinks but contains high levels of ammonia and salts which can burn your plants. It also contains harmful microorganisms like e coli which are harmful to plants and humans. Plus it also contains weed seeds which can produce a lot of weeds or unwanted plants in your garden.



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