Clay Pebbles (Used for Water Plants | Potting)

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Top Benefits

  • Reduces pot weight by 60%
  • Decorating Indoor & water plants
  • Covering the surface of the soil helps in maintaining moisture for plants
  • Reduces water frequencies, retains water
  • Ideal for replacement of soil
  • Prevents compact or solid condition
  • Reusable & Long lasting
  • Prevent root rots
  • Eco- friendly
  • Prevents weeds & diseases
  • Some air-holding capacity to keep root zones oxygenated
  • Easy to plant and harvest

Why clay pebbles are one of our top picks?

Have you ever heard of growing plants without using soil? This is a very practical and popular concept emerging all over the world. States and business-facing challenges with water and plantation are constantly looking for new ways to make the best use of what they have. Fortunately, with the help of modern research and the invention of Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA), it has become possible. These clay pebbles are nothing but the tiny clay balls undergone high-temperature heat. When fired in a kiln these tiny pebbles expand and become porous from within. Some people also call them hydroponic clay balls, Hydroton, clay pebbles, or light expanded clay aggregate (LECA).

More and more people are harvesting their plantation using clay pebble techniques. It’s easy to harvest plants, which can save large-scale hydroponics and aquaponics producers. Moreover, the ECA hydroponics method is a suitable method for both Indoor and Outdoor. Being a natural and organic substance, clay pebbles is an exceptional material for soilless gardening. These are very helpful in many ways when it comes to growing.


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