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Height: 12 Inch
Top Width: 2.5 Inch
Holder size: 6 Inch


Garden Trowel tool is used to transplant a plant from one location to the other,plant flower into pots, clear out a hole for a plant to be planted in, cut down down the base of the weed and pull it out by the roots. 

Trowel has many features that is suitable for gardening, the blade is the main working portion of the tool, it includes a sharp edge that can cut into the soil or through roots and is large enough to hold a small amount of soil or compost.

The most important part of trowel that makes it work are the blade and the handle,the sharp edge of the trowel allows it to cut into hard soil. It is used for Preparing soil ,raised bed gardening,sowing bulbs, small plants& seeds,Plant bedding plants,Clearing weeds in soil and lawns,Preparing drill.

A transplanting Garden Trowel can be used move the plants from Green house to the garden,this will protect the plants from pests in Green House until they are old enough to withstand them and then can be moved to garden.

Gardening Trowel with the right care and maintenance can last for long period of time,to clean it you need to dunk the blade in a bucket of water to loosen the dirt from the blade and wipe of the remaining dirt with the rug, If there is still dirt present you can use the wired brush it also removes the rust patches the blade may have.

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