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Pruning Shears also called as hand pruners are the type of scissors for use on plants , They are strong enough to prune hard branches of tree and shrubs, sometimes up to two centimeters thick.

The primary purpose of Pruners is to remove dead , diseased or damaged stems and branches from plants and bushes and it is important to remove parts of plants that have died because dead stems tend to attract unwanted insects and harbor diseases.

Pruners, otherwise known as pruning shears or hand pruners, are heavy-duty scissors specifically designed to cut plant stems and hard shrub branches.

They’re the perfect tools to have on hand when gardening, farming, and flower arranging.

With the proper maintenance your Pruner can last for years use these methods to keep the Pruner clean and to keep them in its original condition.

They should be placed in a cover to prevent accidental cuts or injuries. Be sure to avoid storing them in areas that are exposed to weather and exterior elements. Exposure to rain and moisture are often the cause of rust.

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