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Height: 12 Inch
Top Width: 2 Inch
Holder size: 4 Inch


A Khurpa hand tools for agriculture is a short handled cutting tool used for digging soil or Weeding in garden or vegetable farms.

Weed control is the botanical component of pest control which stops weeds.

Khurpa hand tools for farming helps in shaping of the soil which includes piling soil around the base of plants digging.narrow furrows and shallow trenches for planting seeds.

The narrow edge khurpa hand tools for farming which is used to uplift the root media of weeds/ carrot/radish.

Farmers in villages , who cannot afford to buy weeders , they use Khurpa to remove the weed manually and sometimes also sowing , mixing soil manure & leveling soil surface , weeding unwanted grasses from the crops & placing fertilizer.

For operating this , Khurpa is held on one hand and pushed into the soil for removal of weeds and unwanted plants , the cutting or uprooting of the weed or undesired plants takes place due to shear and impact action of the blade of the Khurpa.

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