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Gardening is not all flowers and fruits, it can be hard work. In some instances you need to move the soil and this can take time and effort.  However , with a garden hand fork tool, you have a strong implement in which to break up tough soil, a physical , easier way to till by hand without any motorized tools.

A hand fork is a small agricultural tool and hand-held gardening tool designed to be used with small plants or seedlings.

A small hand held garden fork would be perfect an efficient tool for turning soil , garden forks can dig into dense soil better than a spade.

Great for breaking up soil and cultivating in smaller areas ,strong and tough ideal for aerating clay soil , well balanced with comfortable proportions , strong yet lightweight , use to turn compost , use to turn soil.

They can be used for breaking up hard soil , mixing in amendments , aerating and even some planting.

For small garden beds which needs some soil break up and simple root aeration , As a result of its small size , the tool is especially useful when working in confined spaces , such as containers , borders or closely-planted beds.

The business end of the hand fork is typically made out of carbon or stainless steel.

You’ll normally find the carbon steel forks are popular because they’re more affordable , however , the steel variations are more effective , durable and less likely to rust.

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