500 Grams- AIR TRUST- 45% OFF (Ultimate Non Electric Home & Car Odor Absorber Bags)


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Product Description:
Material: High Quality Jute Fabric
Capacity: 500 Grams
Durability: 1 Years

Height: 17cm (7 Inch)
Width: 20cm (8 Inch)

Best Activated Charcoal Bags In INDIA

Air Trust has an innate ability to absorb harmful gases, chemicals & harmful micro- organisms and protects yourself and your family from allergies and arrival of disease.

Activated Charcoal is also reported to be able to absorb excess moisture and control humidity levels at a micro level so this is the simplest and an efficient way to keep up a dry, fresh and odor free home. Helps to cut the harmful pollutants, bacteria, mould and mildew, allergens and unpleasant odors floating in your air.

Why we suggest Air Trust?
The air fresheners used in daily life just adds the scent to the existing air which will make room disguise it leaving the air altogether, Instead of masking the unpleasant odours, It’s better to remove them and these Air Trust bags are efficient in doing it.

How does Air Trust works?
The bags are manufactured with 2-layer technology which gives extra powder, strength and durability. They are filled with high quality activated charcoal developed with millions of tiny pores. The pores present a huge surface area which trap pollutant molecules in them. The pores absorb odor, allergen and bacteria particles on its surface. This in turn purifies the air.

Life expectancy is 1-2 years after that open the bag and sprinkle it in your garden.

The quoted average life of Air Trust bags is 2 years. There is no need to keep things for so long especially which is a cleaning agent. Why to unnecessarily keep bacteria and impurities prone things around for long periods? The price is also not very high so affordability is easy. Still, up to a limit it is recommended to keep recharging the Activated charcoal. This can be achieved by keeping the bags in open air under direct and strong sunlight.

The best part is that these bags are unscented and chemical free. Our rooms and interiors along with our loved ones make up a home. Our house can also be home to unwanted guests in the form of VOCs and other poisonous fumes. Ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene and other VOCs can result in a host of health issues. Prolonged exposure to VOC can even cause cancer. Asthma, reduced immunity, damage to liver and anemia are some other problems.

Air Purifiers do offer an easy way out with their carbon filters. There is a huge price difference between them and charcoal bags. In fact, it would be an illogical comparison, so lets not talk of air purifiers. I say charcoal air purifier bags are really effective. You can think of them as non-electric counterparts and do the same work as carbon filters of air purifiers.

Lets replace air freshener with Natural air purifier and give our loved once the promise of good health.

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