Umbrella Planters (Buy Decorative Table Top Pots)


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Note: The price is only for the planter. Plants are not included.

Product Description:
Material: Galvanized Iron Metal With Powder Coated Paint
Durability: 3-5 Years

Planter Height: 10 Inch
Planter Length: 9.5 Inch
Planter Width: 7 Inch

Pot Size:
Height: 5 Inch
Length And Width: 4.5 Inch


The word “umbrella” comes from the Latin root word “umbra,” meaning shade or shadow.After that, compact collapsible umbrellas were the next major technical innovation in umbrella manufacture, which arrived over a century later.

The umbrella as we know it today is primarily a device to keep people dry in rain or snow. Its original purpose was to shade a person from the sun.Modern umbrellas are made by a hand-assembly process that, except for a few critical areas, can be done by semi-skilled workers.

The first all umbrella shop was called “James Smith and Sons.” The shop opened in 1830 and is still located at 53 New Oxford Street in London, England.

The table top umbrella planter shape is umbrella which is giving shade to the pot where plants are potted and behind that pot there is an heart shaped metal which looks very attractive.

Umbrella shape is usually ‘U’ shape,Ribs run underneath the top of the umbrella,stretchers connect the ribs with the shaft of the umbrella.the ribs and stretchers are connected to each other with a joiner, which is usually a small jointed metal hinge.

Today, the heart shape is the universal symbol of romantic love. It can be seen all around us, but mostly as a heart emoticon on social networks. People send millions of digital hearts over the web every day to express their adoration to someone, or to something.

These decorative planters are durable, yet gentle. We have wide range of collection for you to choose along with this we have Tea cup stand planter,Mr. Uncomfortable,Wooden cart wheels planter ,Table Decorative Pots,Truncated Cone Table Decorative Pots.

Generally speaking a traditional planter looks like a pot with a plant inside it. Nowadays, planters have unusual shapes and even different uses. They can be placed indoor or outdoor, hanged, put on a surface or made of various materials.

There is no doubt that these planters fulfill the lack of greenery in your houses and adds beauty and also acts a house decor in environment friendly way. Every operator on the manufacturing line looks carefully for sharp edges or stubs in the panels.

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