Nemesia Mixed Carnival Seeds- HYBRID


Quantity: 100 Seeds – 120 Seeds

Best Season: All Seasons (Best in Winter seasons)
Germination Time: 15 to 20 Days
Harvest Time: 12- 16 weeks from Sowing

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Nemesia Mixed Carnival Seeds- HYBRID Details


  • Namesia mixed is annual produces bold splashes of brilliant colours during the cool seasons.
  • Namesia mixed blooms in a differnt  colours like cream, orange, yellow, white, crimson, mauve and red.
  • Germination time of Gerbera mixed is 15 to 20 days.
  • Namesia mixed  is a winter season crop. Cool-weather increases the germination process.
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Growth Stages

Sow the seeds 1 inch deep in seedling tray

Space the Seedlings at 6 inches by 8 inches

Germination takes place in 6- 14 days

Transplant in 14- 20 days

Harvest Time: 11- 13 weeks from Sowing

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