10 TRAYS -Seedling Pro Tray- 50 Cavities - (Buy Germination Tray with 50 holes)


Material: Plastic
Colour: Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 53.34  X 27.94 X 2.7 Centimeters
Cup size (Width * Depth): 5 cms *5 cms
Cavities: 50
Re usable: 3-4 times
Sapling Transplant: 20-25 Days
Usage: All Vegetable, Flowers and other plants

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Material: Plastic
Colour: Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 53.3 x 27.9 x 5.1 Centimeters
Cavities: 50
Usage: All Vegetable, Flowers And Other Plants
Assembly Required: No

Re Usable And Easy To Handle Best Germination Trays Widely Used In All Nurseries And Home Gardens

Advantages of using seedling traysThe advantage of sowing seeds into seedling trays is that warm season seedlings can be started indoors much earlier, giving them a good head start and allowing them to put on a lot of extra growth until the threat of frosts have passed and they’re ready to be transplanted outside in the garden.

  • It allows Plants to be potted on with a minimum of root damage
  • Allows seedling to grow without roots becoming tangled together
  • It makes sowing, handling and planting seeds extremely easy
  • It makes very efficient use of space – especially when used with propagators
  • They are low cost
  • They are easy to stack together for easy storage
  • It is possible to re-use them from season to season

How to Sow Seeds Into Seedling Trays.

  • Select a Seedling Tray
  • Fill Tray With Growing Medium
  • Make Holes in The Growing Medium to Take Seeds
  • Place Seeds Into Holes in Growing Medium
  • Cover the Seeds
  • Water the Seedling Trays
  • Place Seedling Trays In a Safe Location

Stages of Seedling Growth
It’s easy to get excited when seedlings germinate successfully, but it’s also easy to get to eager and transplant seedlings prematurely!

When seedlings first germinate, they will fold out two long leaves, these are referred to as dicot leaves. Some plants, such as onions or leaves will only have one, a monocot leaf.

After further growth, two different looking leaves will emerge, and start looking like the leaves of the parent plant. These are the seedling’s true leaves, and the rule for transplanting seedlings if that they can be transplanted after they have produced their first true leaves.

if seedlings still look too frail to transplant after their first true leaves, allow them to put on further growth and a few more leaves. When seedlings are a bit more advanced, they tend to be a lot stronger and tend to survive better when first transplanted.


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