Do you hate the idea of storing vegetables, fruits and flowers in the plastic covers and containers? Do you wish to save your money, time and food? Do you wish to keep Vegetables, Flowers and Fruits fesher for longer.

Introducing you the Polar Bags.

Now you may have a question in your mind, Do the polar bags solve the above issues? Yes they do.

Are you wondering how it happens? Polar bags are scientifically designed natural cotton bags having 2 specially designed unique layers that modify the atmosphere and increase the shelf life of vegetables, fruits and flowers.


1. The thick outer layer holds the moisture for long period of time and keeps the vegetables fruits, and flowers fresh and healthy.

2. The soft inner layer provides the dryer protection barrier and slowdown the process of ripening to rotting and extends the life of the vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

Coming to the quality we use fine quality cotton that is completely Eco-Friendly. Since it is pure cotton you can easily wash and reuse it for longer duration minimum of 2-3 years depending on the usage. We use only Natural Indian grown and weaved organic cotton which encourages the social development.

Polar bags have made a key way to keep food last longer protecting the essential vitamins, nutrients and helps in improving our health and keep us more hygienic. We suggest you to avoid plastic covers and containers made of chemicals which bleed toxics. When we store food in these, the toxics can ‘leach’ into the food and infest. These toxics make their way into food chain and onto our plates. Studies have shown that these chemicals works as slow poison and have been linked to tissue changes, genetic damage, early puberty and hormonal changes. As you know many articles publish about the potential dangers of plastic for food storage. There are various chemicals disseminated from plastic like polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene and pisphenol A (BPA), Especially those containing BPA. Sadly additional studies are indicating that some plastics without BPA may be even more dangerous. 

Save your money, time and food.

We know what it’s like, Travelling regularly to local markets and malls to purchase fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers in our busy schedules.  Polar bags extend the life of vegetables, fruits and flowers for several days, even weeks and months. We promise you it’ll be safer and fresher than the plastic covers, plastic containers and crisper drawer. Polar bags not only save your food and money, it also saves your time because there’s less trips to local markets and malls. As per experts, From farms to grocery stores to dinner tables 38% of the food we grow is never eaten. When we throw food, we also waste water, fuel and resources. We all can reduce it. 


‘When we select and pick the fresh vegetables we too can consume it before it rots’.