You are currently viewing Introducing Garden Ganapathi, New Website for Eco friendly Garden Ganapathi Kit

Introducing Garden Ganapathi, New Website for Eco friendly Garden Ganapathi Kit

Garden Ganapathi is a unique eco-friendly initiative started by Sudhakar and Shreyamsh. In this initiative Lord ganapathi will take its form as a plant and stay with devotees even after ganesha chaturthi . Our team has an answer for where does god live.
We believe god lives in nature and what else one can expect from god when we have nature as the gift for all beings on earth.

We have been working really hard on a mission to keep the Ganesh Chaturthi festival eco friendly and sustainable. Since 2015, Sudhakar and his associate have been working on recognizing the problem areas and solving them for the betterment of society.

This year 2022, we have launched our dedicated website to sell Garden Ganapathi Kits on

Story Behind Garden Ganapathi Grow Kit

It all started in 2015 with a hobby of growing plants and celebrating World Environment Day.

But we noticed that it was only on that day people were worried about global warming So we wanted and tried to motivate people to plant a trees we continuous worked on it as months passed It was the time of Ganesh chaturthi.

we observed that almost every house was welcoming Ganapathi and noticed that the idols were mostly made of plaster of paris, which is harmful for the environment and for people. In that moment we got a brainstorming idea to club both growing plants and considering eco friendly ganapathi idols for celebration.

Research & Enthusiasm

We wanted it to happen in the same pot so somehow people were buying new buckets for visarjan we replaced them with pot.
And the second plan led us to one more problem that is wasting the water once visarjan is done so we found a way.

We added a coco peat block which absorbs visarjan water and the coco peat block of 650 grams can expand and become modern soil of 4 kg.

Then added a proper potting mix which helped plants to germinate and grow well.

To build whole concept we took 6-7 months failed in lot of procedures doing visarjan and sowing the seed in the same pot wasn’t tough but getting a plant was difficult Finally after 4 to 5 times of failures we got the plants successfully with perfect soil mixture and the ratio so we bought it online and we started taking booking online.

Our Success with Garden Ganapathi

First year was very difficult because we were not having proper delivery service and packings. But now we are happy to announce that from 2 years we are having 99% of successful and safe breakage free deliveries.

How to Book Garden Ganapathi Kits?

Bookings are open before 3 months of ganesh chaturthi and close booking once the idol inventory gets out.

To make an idol we need 45 days to idol making, drying and painting of ganapthi idols.

To place an order for your Garden Ganapathi Kit today, please visit our newly launched website

We have dedicated whatsapp support available to answer any question you have about our eco friendly garden ganapathi kit.

This year Garden Ganapathi have added one more initiative from the purchase you make. A particular amount would be going to poor kids for their education purpose. Proofs of distribution would be posted as video after Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

We celebrate a festival for a good cause, But if the festival is hampering nature in any way then that isn’t right.

Last year, In mumbai more than 3 lakh ganapathi idols were immersed into the water which later on caused a disastrous impact on the environment and marine life.

Lets not ignore the environmental impact of pollution on Air, Water, Noise, Solid waste etc in the name of Pooja.


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