Growing Strawberries from Seed: Gardener’s Guide

Growing strawberry is one of the challenging task for a gardener. but to make it simple and fruitful, we have following tips for you to get started with Strawberry gardening.


store seeds in air tight water proof containers. Store in refrigerator for short term, freeze for long term storage. Best stored in freezer that is not opened frequently.

Preparing for Germination

  1. Use a well- drained, fertile, slightly acidic soiless mix for germination.
  2. Sow one or more seeds per cavity or pot.
  3. Don’t cover seed with soil. Light aids germination.
  4. Lightly press seed to soil to insure contact with soil.
  5. Keep evenly moist at all times during the germination period.
  6. A soil temperature of 60-75 degree is best germination can take up-to 1-6 weeks since it is patience crop it takes time for germination but once germinated plants grow fast.
  7. Select a sunny position and transplant seedlings to the garden or container when the root ball holds together.
  8. Do not plant deeper than original depth. Strawberries are sensitive to planting depth.
  9. Allow up-to 14 to 18 inches spacing between plants. In general, the more space given he more productive they will be.

Plant Care

Strawberries can be grown in hydroponic systems.

Germination’s also can be improved by covering cling film and making few wholes after showing the leaves. Avoid growth booster and strong fertilizers it’s not advisable when seedlings are young. Fertilizers may burn the seedlings.

Once you see the two leaves make sure to provide proper sunlight and the containers should not dry out, Maintain the moisture in this stage try to water by placing containers in a tray filled with water not from the top.

Once they are hardened off and ready to face the harsh sun-light directly you can transplant and shift it outdoor.

Mohd Zaki

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