Hi Gardeners,

In light of the recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world, Gardener Shopping is taking all possible steps to ensure the safety of our employees as well as maintain uninterrupted service for our customers. The safety and well-being of everyone associated with Gardener Shopping is always our foremost priority. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking the necessary measures to keep our surroundings safe. We hope that you, your co-workers, family, and friends are safe and taking appropriate precautions.

It’s our responsibility to inform you about the current state of our business practices and how we are navigating through these challenging times. We are adjusting to the precautions and taking specific measures which I want to share with you:

  • Till Today, not a single Gardener Shopping employee has tested positive for COVID-19. We have taken proactive steps to limit social contact by mandating all our employees to work from home.
  • We are continuously training and educating our employees on the best practices of personal hygiene, proper method, and frequency of hand-washing /sanitizing, as well as what to do in case they have any symptoms related to COVID-19. We have asked our employees to self-quarantine or reach out to a doctor immediately if they have any symptoms. 
  • Our Business Continuity Plan ensures that all our operations will function as normal and we can cater to our customers in an effective and efficient manner. We are also working closely with our courier partners to monitor lock-downs and delivery issues and we are proactively making this information available real-time on the platform for our customers. 

We expect all our operations to continue as normal over the coming weeks as we deal with these challenging times. It is a time of uncertainty. I believe all of us must not panic. It is essential that we be at our best selves and responsibly follows the measures required to keep ourselves and our surroundings uncontaminated. Thank you for being part of the Gardener Shopping family. 

Stay safe, Stay POSITIVE.