FAQ- Polar Bags

1. Does the polar bags works outside the refrigerator?

– Yes, If you maintain the moisture they do work outside the refrigerator. But we suggest you to consume the food within 2-3 days.


 2.  What is the size of the polar bags?

– Height- 38cm (15 Inch) 

  Width- 31cm (12 Inch)


3. Material used?

– We use fine quality which is 100% natural & eco friendly cotton so it can be used for 2-3 years depending on the usage.


4. Main advantages of polar bags?

– These are some of the main advantages.

* Completely Eco-Friendly and keeps your family healthy. (It doeson’t bleed toxics like plastic covers and plastic containers)

*  Reusable and washable (Since it is pure cotton you can wash it and use it)

* Easy to use (Just you need to wet and wring and store the vegetables, fruits, flowers in the polar bags and place it in fridge)

* Saves time, money and energy (Reduces trips to the shops or malls)

These are some major advantages of Polar Bags.


5. How often should I dampen my Polar bags?

-Wet or sprinkle the bags with water once in 4 or 5 days checking the moisture.

If you forget to keep the bags moist… No worries. You can usually re-hydrate vegetables, especially greens of all sorts, by soaking them in slightly warm water for 15 minutes. Then just shake them gently and return it to wet polar bags and refrigerate. Almost they will become fresh again. 


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