Everything About Pro Tray : Growing Healthy Plants

If you wish to grow healthy vegetable plants or flower plants, you must understand the usages & benefits of Seedling Tray, also known as Pro Trays.

Lately, Pro Trays have become an essential part of growing healthy plants. In order to make sure you have a perfect disease-free plant, you need to make sure first seedling is healthy too! 

Pro Trays offer better germination rate than usual seedling methods. You can use it for tomato, chillies, capsicum, cauliflower and brinjal as well as flowering seeds.

What is Pro Tray?

Pro tray is a combination of multiple rectangular cones. These cones are called cups. Seedling trays comes with different cup sizes. Different cup sizes can be used for different seedling purposes.

Types of Pro Trays:

Pro Trays comes with different cup sizes (depth and width of the cone). 

  1. Tray with 50 Holes (Cups): This tray comes with a depth of 5cm and width of 5cm. Tray with 50 holes can be used for seedling of seeds which requires germination for more than 20 days.
  2. Tray with 95 Holes : This tray comes with a depth of 3cm and width of 4cm. Tray with 98 holes can be used for sowing seeds that requires upto 15 days seedling. You can use this tray to grow 98 seeds at same time.

Using Pro Tray for Seedling

  1. Select Seedling Tray: Choose the right seedling tray for your requirement. As explained earlier, cup width & depth should be as your seedling requirement.
  2. Fill the Tray with Growing Medium: You need to fill the tray with growing medium like coco peat or vermicompost. You can buy cocopeat here. It comes as a block which can later be expanded using water at home or nursary.
  3. Make Holes to Put Seeds:  Use tip of your finger or a pencil to make a hole deep enough. Place one seed in each cup.
  4. Cover the holes: Now you can put the seeds into the holes and cover it with the cocopeat. 
  5. Sprinkle Water: now sprinkle some water equally on all holes. You can use spray pumps to evenly sprinkle water on the seeds.
  6. Keep the Tray in Dark: for some days, keep it in dark and sprinkle water time to time to keep the cocopeat moist until germination happens.

When seedlings first germinate, they will fold out two long leaves, these are referred to as dicot leaves. Some plants, such as onions or leaves will only have one, a monocot leaf.

After further growth, two different looking leaves will emerge, and start looking like the leaves of the parent plant. These are the seedling’s true leaves, and the rule for transplanting seedlings if that they can be transplanted after they have produced their first true leaves.

if seedlings still look too frail to transplant after their first true leaves, allow them to put on further growth and a few more leaves. When seedlings are a bit more advanced, they tend to be a lot stronger and tend to survive better when first transplanted.

Advantages of Pro Trays

The advantage of sowing seeds into seedling trays is that warm season seedlings can be started indoors much earlier, giving them a good head start and allowing them to put on a lot of extra growth until the threat of frosts have passed and they’re ready to be transplanted outside in the garden.

  • It allows Plants to be potted on with a minimum of root damage
  • Allows seedling to grow without roots becoming tangled together
  • It makes sowing, handling and planting seeds extremely easy
  • It makes very efficient use of space – especially when used with propagators
  • They are low cost
  • They are easy to stack together for easy storage
  • It is possible to re-use them from season to season

Pro Trays - Frequently Asked Question

Yes, Pro Trays can be used again. Be careful while picking out the seedling. Avoid from Direct Sunlight for continuous 2 weeks.

Pro trays are used to produce healthy and quality seedlings.

If you require short term germination of seeds (i.e. upto 15 days), use 98 cavities pro tray. If you require more duration for seedling, use 50 cavities pro tray. 

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